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A selection of invaluable works for criminologists – some of the most extensive being the series of books by J.H.H. Gaute and Robin Odell – THE MURDERERS’ WHO’S WHO, MURDER WHEREABOUTS and MURDER WHATDUNNIT.   These volumes contain a wealth of easily accessible information, with extensive Bibliographies and numerous illustrations.

Another series of reference works by Jay Robert Nash include BLOODLETTERS AND BADMEN, AMONG THE MISSING, LOOK FOR THE WOMAN, HUSTLERS AND CONMEN, DICTIONARY OF CRIME, also contain wide-ranging cases with most useful Bibliographies.  The ultimate work by this author is the massive 6-volume WORLD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CRIME of over 10,000 pages.  This comprehensive set contains 50,000 articles that are cross-referenced with bibliographic details.  Volume V is the Dictionary and Volume VI is an Index of 150,000 names and massive Bibliography of 25,000 entries. 

Other excellent works under this heading are:

An example of the cover of one of our Reference Works CollectionButler:  MURDERERS’ ENGLAND. 
224pp+illus.  VG in slightly worn d/w. Robert Hale. 1973.

Crimes from all over England classified into regions. As well as famous cases, the author also includes many lesser-known but equally intriguing crimes.  All the sites have been located as accurately as possible and the illustrations include some specifically taken for this book. With Bibliography & Index. 



An example of the cover of one of our Reference Works CollectionByrnes: 1886 PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS OF AMERICA.
 433pp+illus. VG in slightly worn d/w.  Quarto size.  Chelsea House, New York. 1969.

Compiled originally when Byrnes was in service with the New York Police in 1886, a superb rogues gallery of 400 leading offenders of the times, with an outline of crimes committed and the criminals’ portraits. Byrnes used his contact with criminals to set up a network of informants and claimed the Detective Bureau with its small complement of officers, solved more crimes that Scotland Yard, Paris and New Jersey put together. This volume was far ahead of its time and also contains a List of State Prisons, Penitentiaries and Reformatories, with full Index.

An example of the cover of one of our Reference Works CollectionHawkings: CRIMINAL ANCESTORS.
  A Guide to Historical Criminal Records in England and Wales.  458pp+illus.  Fine in d/w.  Alan Sutton. 1992.

A superb guide to finding your criminal ancestors taken from previously unpublished sources, an indispensable reference work for the criminologist and genealogist. Contains surveys of all County & Borough Record Offices, the Public Record Office, Police archives etc.  Numerous illustrations with full Appendices and Index. 

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