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A wide selection of notable and infamous characters connected with the legal profession, police, pioneers of law enforcement, prison reformers, forensic scientists, detectives and many more personalities – law-abiding and criminous - who have made their mark in the world of true crime.

These biographies have recently included:

An example of the cover of one of our Biography CollectionBaker:  STANNY. The Gilded Life of Stanford White
xi+483pp+illus. FINE in d/w. Free Press/Macmillan, New York. 1989.

Stanford White, a highly gifted architect, established his own firm at the age of twenty-five and his buildings transformed the landscape of America’s north-east.  Behind his respectable exterior, however, White favoured a lavish lifestyle which led him into scandalous affairs and mounting debt. His excesses resulted in his sensational murder by Harry Thaw, the husband of showgirl Evelyn Nesbitt whilst dining at Madison Square Garden in 1906. The events overshadowed his achievements and this fine biography brings a more authentic and balanced account of his life and work.  Includes Sources and Index.

An example of the cover of one of our Biography CollectionGalbally:  GALBALLY FOR THE DEFENCE. 
Crimes and Controversies – the courtroom dramas of Australia’s best-known lawyer. 233pp+illus. FINE in d/w. Viking, Australia.  1993.

The author recalls some of his most intriguing cases and dramatic courtroom appearances.  Conmen, informers, deceived husbands, abused wives and children, notorious criminals, corrupt police – he has seen them all during forty years as an advocate.  Includes many unusual Australian cases from his files.


An example of the cover of one of our Biography CollectionHastings: THE OTHER  MR CHURCHILL.
A Lifetime of Shooting and Murder. 336pp+illus.  VG in slightly worn d/w.  Harrap. 1963.           

The absorbing life and work of Robert Churchill, the great gun-maker and ballistics expert whose evidence featured in almost every shooting trial of the century, helping to pioneer new techniques of investigation.  Among the cases desribed are those of Madame Fahmy, Browne & Kennedy, John Donald Merrett, Elvira Barney and Jeannie Baxter – at whose trial Churchill and Marshall Hall first met in court.  Well illustrated with Bibliography and Index.

An example of the cover of one of our Biography CollectionHatherill: A DETECTIVE’S STORY. 
George Hatherill of Scotland Yard. 199pp.  VG in d/w.  McGraw-Hill, N.Y. 1971.

The ex-Commander of New Scotland Yard reveals how the detective really solved the crime.  Involved in some of the most sensational investigations from 1931, his career culminated in work on the Great Train Robbery.  Chapters also include Ronald Chesney, Blackburn baby killer Peter Griffiths, Harold Hill : a serving soldier who murdered two young girls in 1941.  Includes Index.

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