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Prisons & Punishments



A look at various prison establishments through history and throughout the world, along with the variety of punishments that have been inflicted for various crimes.  This section also covers transportation to the colonies and how the settlements were established and governed. 

Below is an example of a few titles from recent catalogues:

An example of the cover of one of our Prisons & Punishments CollectionBailey:  HANGMEN OF ENGLAND. 
A History of Execution from Jack Ketch to Albert Pierrepoint.  206pp+illus. Fine in d/w.  W.H. Allen. 1989.

The author traces the origins of punishment methods and looks at the development of penal reforms.  Chapters include Torture; History of Corporal Punishment; Capital Punishment; Banishment & Transportation; Early Prisons and Witches. Includes Bibliography and Index.



An example of the cover of one of our Prisons & Punishments CollectionCaldwell:  RED HANNAH. 
Delaware’s Whipping Post. 144pp+illus. VG in slightly worn d/w. University of Pennsylvania Press. 1947.

A study of Delaware’s most antiquated instrument of punishment and its many years of use for various crimes.  Whipping began as a punishment in 1679 and the Red Post continued to be used for more than two hundred years, with over 1600 prisoners being subjected to this treatment during 1900-1945. At the time of publication lashes were being prescribed for twenty-four crimes. Includes Bibliography and Index.


An example of the cover of one of our Prisons & Punishments CollectionMorris/Rothman:  OXFORD PRISON HISTORY.
 The Practice of Punishment in Western Society. 389pp+illus.  Fine in d/w.  Oxford University Press. 1995.

A superb edition which contains vivid accounts of prison institutions, punishments, bizarre death sentences – from the squalid conditions of early prisons to the boredom of modern penitentiaries.  Includes chapters on prisons in England 1780-1865; the Victorian prisons; prisons on the Continent; contemporary prisons; Australian convict colonies and much more.  With excellent illustrations including colour plates and Index. 


An example of the cover of one of our Prisons & Punishments CollectionRumbelow:  THE TRIPLE TREE. 
Newgate, Tyburn & the Old Bailey.  223pp+illus. Fine in d/w. Harrap. 1972.           

The history of Newgate from its beginnings as a Roman Fort to its demolition in 1902. All the people and events through the history of the prison, the court and the gallows – stories of Jack Ketch, Jack Sheppard, body-snatchers; the Gordon Riots; hanging Judges and more. Very well illustrated, with Bibliography & Index.

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