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Historical Crimes



This category includes historic characters and books describing the conditions under which people lived – conditions that contributed greatly to breeding criminals.

Among the many notorious criminals covered in this section are pirates, highwaymen, body-snatchers, smugglers and the underworld of the times, as well as the infamous men who were supposed to keep the law – many of whom were actually less honest that those they controlled.

Our catalogues have recently included such titles as:

An example of the cover of one of our Historical Crimes CollectionBurford:  THE ORRIBLE SYNNE. 
A Look at London Lechery from Roman to Cromwellian Times.  256pp+illus.  FINE in d/w.  Calder & Boyars. 1973. 

A frank and bawdy book on pimps, prostitutes, procurers and brothel madams. Stories of Kings and mayors who passed laws against lasciviousness, sentencing those who indulged themselves to punishment on the pillory, stocks, cage and ducking stool.  Many people suffered from diseases without realising that their own abominable social conditions and behaviour brought them about. Well illustrated with Index. 


An example of the cover of one of our Historical Crimes CollectionDe Vries:  ‘ORRIBLE MURDER. 
An Anthology of Victorian Crime and Passion.  160pp+illus.  VG in d/w. Quarto size.  BCA edition 1974.

A fine selection of wood engravings taken from The Illustrated Police News, the Victorian tabloid of the 1870s which fed its avid public on a diet of real life horrors. Excellent illustrations of 160 crimes with the vivid illustrations of the day, showing the seamier side of Victorian life. 


An example of the cover of one of our Historical Crimes CollectionEllms: THE PIRATES. 
Accounts of the Lives, Exploits and Executions of the world’s most infamous Buccanners.  viii+291pp. Fine in d/w.  Gramercy Books, New York. 1996 edition.

Originally published as “The Pirates Own Book” in 1837, this later edition contains some new material.  The author’s narrative was taken from authentic accounts and primary sources including newspaper articles, trial transcripts and stories from actual pirate victims.  Includes such notorious names as Captain Avery, Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, John Rackham. 

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