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Under this section we include not only the more recent assassinations which have made headlines such as those of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King etc.  but also some of the lesser-known events which have played a part in shaping the history of the world.  Although there is a large amount of literature on John F. Kennedy, some of the editions are now quite scarce.

The following is a sample of titles that have appeared in various catalogues:

An example of the cover of one of our Assassination CollectionThompson:  SIX SECONDS IN DALLAS. 
A micro-study of the Kennedy assassination proving that three gunmen murdered the President. xxviii+323pp+illus.
VG in slightly worn dust-wrapper.  Bernard Geis Associates, New York. 1967.

One of the scarcest volumes on the assassination of JFK containing a detailed study of the events and what happened between the first and last shots on the fateful day in Dallas in 1963.  How many shots were fired?  What did the doctors really find?  What did witnesses see and hear?  The author subjected hundreds of photographs and amateur movie film to careful scrutiny and the shocking truth began to emerge.  Very well illustrated throughout. Includes Index.

An example of the cover of one of our Assassination CollectionFeuerlicht: THE DESPERATE ACT.
The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo.  VG in dust-wrapper. 176pp+illus.

On June 28th 1914, many citizens of Sarajevo hung out flags to welcome Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.  Six young Bosnian nationalists, however, waited with guns and bombs. Despite many blunders their assassination attempt succeeded. The action ignited World War I and caused the collapse of four empires.


An example of the cover of one of our Assassination CollectionHanchett:  THE LINCOLN MURDER CONSPIRACIES.  303pp+illus. FINE in dust-wrapper.

An account of the hatred felt by many Americans for President Lincoln during the Civil War and the first complete examination and refutation of the many theories, hypotheses and speculations put forward since 1865, concerning those presumed to have aided, abetted, controlled or directed the murderous act of John Wilkes Booth in Ford’s Theatre on the night of April 14th.

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