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Our police section includes stories of men and women of police forces throughout the world, the history of various departments within the organisations as well as books on the uniforms, transport, insignia and other aspects of their duties and lives.

Recently we have included the following titles in our catalogue:

An example of the cover of one of our Police CollectionGould:  LONDON’S ARMED POLICE. 
 222pp+illus.  Fine in d/w.  Arms & Armour Press. 1986.

The story of the capital’s constabulary and its weapons from the flintlock pistols of Peel’s new police in 1829 to the sub-machine guns and baton rounds of the 1980s.  Includes some notable cases in which the armed officers have been involved, such as the attempted abduction of Princess Anne; Craig & Bentley; the Balcombe Street, Iranian Embassy and Spaghetti House sieges, with all the arguments for and against an armed police force. Includes Bibliography and Appendices listing Arms & Accoutrements and Robberies 1860-1985.

An example of the cover of one of our Police CollectionLovell-Knight: THE STORY OF THE ROYAL MILITARY POLICE.
360pp+illus.  VG in d/w.  Leo Cooper. 1977.

The official history of the Royal Military Police – the “Redcap”.  The author records the vital role which this oft-maligned Corps has played in the history of the British Army. Drawing on a wide variety of original sources with stories of the officers and non-commissioned officers who operated within the RMP. Includes many excellent illustrations and maps, plus Index.


An example of the cover of one of our Police CollectionPringle/Treversh: 150 YEARS POLICING IN WATFORD & HERTFORDSHIRE COUNTY. 
 256pp+illus.  Fine in d/w.  Radley-Shaw. 1991.

A superb history of the forces celebrating 150 years of service. Includes the Origins of Police; The Constabulary is Born; 100 Years – C Division – Watford; Women Police; Policing Watford Football etc. Very well illustrated.




An example of the cover of one of our Police CollectionRipley: POLICE FORCES OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND
– their amalgamation and their Buttons.   75pp+illus.  VG in d/w. R. Hazell & Co. 1983.

A superb record of all the police forces in Great Britain and Ireland with dates of their original existence and their successor or present force. Outlines the development of policing in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Police fire brigades, Special Constables and forces with localised powers are also includes, with over 500 buttons illustrated.

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